Hobbies in adulthood — A must have

If this is so, I thought, why would or should I do any work for free?

If I am able to make a living by working on everything I like, why not as well earn income from them all!?

This was the worst decision I had made in my life until now. I realised this only last year, when I plunged into burnout.

By definition hobby is an activity pursued for relaxation or pleasure, out of interest. It is NOT the main occupation.

There are many reasons why we need to have hobbies. But to simply put, hobby hours allow us to put a full stop to individual responsibilities. They encourage us to focus our attention on something completely unrelated. This switching in tasks and goals help our brain to rest and rejuvenate.

Imagine for a moment that you share my misguided virtue and choose to monetise your hobbyist skills. In no time they will become stressful as now you are looking at options to market your hobby skills, find new clients or build more followers.

In the process you are expending efforts away from your main income source. You are no more in the mood of pleasure and accomplishment. But constantly stressed about what more you can do to advance your ‘hobby business’. You no more have activities where you let go of yourself and fully immerse in the action that you enjoy. Be in that state of flow.

Nevertheless, I end by requesting you to ask yourself, it this rat race worth it?

Are you failing to realise the support that recreations and hobbies provide in achieving your long term goals of financial security and good quality of life?



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